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— by Shimizu, Aica G. Shimizu, Aica G.
Based on our two meeting discussions on Principle and Philosophy of Teaching we tackled the duties of the teachers to their students we watch two stories and it is seeing and reflecting on the sacrifices and untiring duties of the teachers.

A lot of things that sink-in in my mind, as a student and future teacher (hoping) I learned that teacher and teach your students are not an easy job and couldn't be easy if you don't love you're doing. Like Sabrina Ongkiko in her speech on Ted Talk, she really inspires me because of her dedication to her job as a public school teacher, the way she gave her time and love to her students. Her story stands out precisely because of the unique path she has chosen. I realized how thankful I am because of my teacher's effort to teach me. Teachers also learn from their students. The learning in class is a vice versa way of teaching one another, I've become a student as well, but I didn't realize this part; that a teacher can also learn from us.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT is something to do about the inspiration that the teacher could give to her students and that feeling of fulfillment by the teachers, seeing their former students getting their dreams into reality. A feeling that the teachers are part of the success of their students is a wonderful feeling and it is the best feeling of the teachers. Values and importance of human connections are really important in the relationships between the students and teachers. Kids don't learn from people they don't like, that's why teachers need to have a sense of humor to cope up the intention and they not bored in their class because teaching and learning should bring joy. Teachers are born to make something different for the future of their students.

Thank you and God bless us! 😊