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— by Nenita D. Poblete Nenita D. Poblete
First day in Philosophy of Education, we tackled about the Human connections, the teacher, the learners, other strategies and what are the factors that affects the learners and the teachers.  They found out that being a teacher is not an easy job that we go to schools and teach. Human connects, we define it in a simple way its about caring to everybody especially to our students, you love them for you to be love them to. Being a teacher we need to be passionate, love, and dedicate to our profession. And I ask myself, Can I do that? To be learners all the time for me to have a knowledge to teach and creative, to have a care to my students. Yes, I can maybe its hard but everything has learnable. They taught about the Idealistic teacher on his first year of teaching and I realized maybe its true because as a future teacher we have a many ideas want to do when we where in the field. But all that ideas are hard to implement maybe because we are lack of experience on that field and we need a courage to conquer all trials that we encounter.  
On our second meeting, we watch a video of one teacher that’s reflect her Return Of Investment(ROI) as a teacher for us to think what are the ROI as a teacher. How to be like a speaker? She is a passionate, patient, love her profession and also her students. For her being a public school teacher is not easy because you need more patient and sacrifices encountered. But all that is easy to do if you love your profession and has a care for your students success. And If I were given a chance to be a teachers I want to be like her that’s why an idealistic teacher come out. Its easy to think what we want to do but its hard to do. And I believe to all  teachers that has a passion and care to all his students. Our professor ask what we think to the word Educare and Educere for me Educare from the word care as a teacher we need a care for our students and for their success. Their  success is our achievement because we are part of it.