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— by Wilyn Tuscano Alfaro Wilyn Tuscano Alfaro

Teacher is not an easy profession according to the two teachers we watched last time. They gave their personal experiences about teaching and how it felt in that way. They sacrificed a lot that even their self and family became less priority. That tackled about how and why they are continuing their job and always giving their very best to teach and focus on what they have to do as a teacher.
In my previous semester, I kept on thinking why I have to enroll in this section aside from that I already have my degree and just focus on what I have. But no, I am here because I want to become a teacher. I want to teach, motivate and part of being a success of our next generation to become more capable on what they want in their future.
Therefore, I highly believe that I am more capable on a teaching profession but I have to be consistent to learn more and more so that I can teach thoroughly the accurate learning. Whatever happens, If you believe that you can you will succeed.
Godbless Us !