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De Dios,  Edrian  G.


      Behind every school and every teacher is a set of related beliefs. A philosophy of education that influences what and how students are taught. A philosophy of education represents answers to questions about the purpose of schooling, a teacher's role, and what should be taught and by what methods. I was amazed that it has a contribution in the field of teaching.
       Philosophy  of  Education  can  refer  either  to  the application  of  the  philosophy  to  the  problem  of education.  Examining  definitions,  goals  and  chain meanings  are  used  in  education  by  teachers, administrators  and  policymakers.  This  subject  gives  us more  knowledge  about  how  we  teach  and  understand the  philosophy  of  education.  Though  this  subject,  I appreciate  the  major  philosophy  categories,  the  teaching strategy  and  techniques  and  contents.
       Glad to have this and hope to apply for the future.