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— by Sarah Jane V. Besa Sarah Jane V. Besa

According to the Biography ofJohn Lasseter is very fond of watching Walt Disney when he was a child and tillhe grows up, Walt Disney changed his life. In 1979, he took a job at Disney's Animation but later on got fired after he works here for a long time. In 1982, Lasseter was exposed to computer animation and he applied for a new job in a computer graphics division of Lucasfilm Ltd owned by Director George Lucas.
In 1995 he make the Toy Story 1 that became hit that time, he was inspired on creating this story because when he was a child he owned two toys: Woody- was based on pull string Casper and Buzz Lightyear- based on G.I Joe action figure! He knows that this movie will hit because as of him he is a cartoon lover so as other. He doesn't care for the character or other but he cares a lot for the impact,.lesson and happiness that the film will bring to the viewers. As he was expeeienced  when he was watching cartoons with his son, he witnessed that his son is very enjoyed watching the film so he is inspired to work on animation to the viewers enjoyment abd satisfaction.