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Sarah Jane V. Besa
Biographical approach to "Toy Story"

According to John Lasseter's biography, everything he do in his life is because of Walt Disney , and how it entertained him as a child and as a young adult growing up.

John Lasseter is now a very successful American animator.
In 1979, he took a job at Disney's animation studio, where he worked on the Fox and the Hound (1981) and Mickey's Christmas Carol (1983). His enthusiasm for nascent computer animation technology put him at odds with some of his superiors, however, and he was fired in 1983.

After being fired from Walt Disney company, he was hired in Lucasfilm Ltd. owned by Director George Lucas as a computer graphics animator.

In 1995, he make a movie which is entitled "Toy Story 1". According to him, when he was a child he owned a toy which he called Woody, Woody was based on a pull string Casper. And Buzz lightyear was based on G.I.Joe action figure that he also owned when he was a child.