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johaima T. Mahfar
Johaima T. Mahfar


I’ve learned that when the existing curriculum isn’t working this curriculum needs an innovation. The k to 12 Curriculum is the innovated standard of learning. Secondary schools are adding 2 more years in schooling, or commonly called as the senior high, students need to finish this in order to attend the tertiary level. I'm not agreeing in this innovation because it needs more time and money and besides, it allows more efforts to exert.

Teachers find hard time in adjusting with the lessons and the subjects. Financially incapables students may suffer because instead of spending only 4 years in high school they need to fulfill 2 more years. Incapable students may find it hard to achieve. Even though Filipinos are already left behind by the foreign, we can still with other countries, most especially in English in terms of call centers.

I don’t believe that the said curriculum will build a well educated force. Additional years to gain and to suffer by the students, teachers parents, the community. Students will find hard time in paying attention to it. It’s more difficult to obtain child call. Curriculum is approved but the materials are not. There are different standards and requirements that the government and the Department of Education should work for the implementation and it takes time to obtain.
I do believe that we don’t need to study more years, we need to stu
dy hard for those 2 years in high school. The K to 12 Curriculum will not work without the cooperation of the students. We don’t need the innovation of the curriculum; instead we need to innovate ourselves.